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One of the classical trio-line-ups in jazz is the one featuring clarinet, piano and drums – the most famous may well be the
Benny Goodman Trio (with Teddy Wilson and Gene Krupa),
but way earlier in jazz history (e.g. Johnny Doods with Jelly Roll Morton and Baby Dodds)
as well as much later (e.g. Kenny Davern with Ralph Sutton and Gus Johnson) there are great records featuring these instruments.

In the year 2013, three Viennese musicians decided to form a group with these three instruments, with two objectives in mind:
First, to bring new life to that nearly-forgotten line-up, and second, to give their band's denomination an alternative meaning by
performing classical works for Clarinet and Piano (in their repertoire they have sonatas by Brahms, Poulenc
and other composers from the periods of Late Romanticism and 20th century classical music).

By teaming up with pianist Erwin Schmidt, Christian Plattner has found a musical partner congenial to this special  challenge:
he completed academic studies in classical piano as well as he got his degree in jazz piano from the legendary Fritz Pauer.

Joining them on the drums is Peter Grüneis, who played with the first edition of the Christian Plattner Quartet back in 1983.
Through his fervent interest in classical music, he is also well-equipped to be "demoted" to page-turner for the Duo Sonatas.


The Musicians


Christian Plattner – Clarinet
Erwin Schmidt – Piano
Peter Grüneis – Drums & Page-Turner



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